Bespoke Barware

Creators and importers of unique barware


The Workshops

We proudly produce many of our products at our workshops in East London with an artisan team of experts in ceramics, woodwork, fiberglass and more. Whilst making us feel very proud of what we do, it also allows us to keep quality control at the forefront of our operations.

Our ceramic facility has grown through the years and we now operate multiple kilns to produce many thousand pieces of ceramic ware each month. It all starts with an idea which is then interpreted into a clay sculpt by our in-house sculptors. The sculpt then becomes a mould into which the clay is poured to make one or hundreds of a design, many of which are glazed and many of which are hand-painted.

On any given day, our wood workshop and other workshops can be found making Fiberglass Bobsleighs, Disco Ball Sharers, Wooden Bar Caddies and Back Bar Displays. We have a large team of professionals who specialise in the various skills required to make all of our barware, plus a wide range of specialist equipment to help get the job done.

Not everything can be made here in East London, so we’ve steadily built a family of trusted partners and suppliers in the UK and around the world. We’re passionate about how things are made and so it’s natural that we partner with suppliers with the same kind of obsessive, craftsman approach to creating the products we need.