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Disco Ball Cocktail Sharers

Lately it seems our workshop has become a disco ball factory!  Not only have we been making our classic Silver Disco Ball Sharers, but lots of custom ones in gold too….with branding, dry ice compartments, special colours and finishes. The picture gives you a glimpse into all the processes involved in turning a humble disco ball into a statement Cocktail Sharer.

Every single disco ball is fabricated individually. We take an original mirror ball, slice the top off it (no mean feat with all those mirrors), insert a custom wooden frame for the gastro-norm to sit in, create a base for it to sit on, finish the raw edges with matching trim (which we buy from automotive suppliers!) and finally add a matching handle to the lid. Branding is added onto the base using stencils & hand-painting in brand colours and we can match the base and rim to suit your colour-scheme too. The frame we fabricate for the inside is super-robust and ensures our sharers are built to last.

We think there’s no better way to celebrate than with a giant cocktail served from a shiny mirror ball!