Bespoke Barware

Creators and importers of unique barware


Our Latest Creations

We’re non-stop creating at the moment for lots of brilliant bars and brands. ¬†Cocktail culture is exploding, and the desire for weird and wonderful cocktail serves is on the rise.¬† With 5 years of crazy creations under our belts, we’re able to produce almost anything in people’s minds…..and believe us we’ve had plenty of weird & wonderful requests (please no more demands for lighting elements inside drinks!).

But perhaps even more exciting for us is the constant expansion of our off-the-shelf range. Unique & accessible, there’s something for everyone’s budget and many of the pieces are only to be found at Bespoke Barware. We’re also able to add branding to most of our wares, whether by printing, painting, transfers, laser-etching, stamping, burnishing, stickering, tagging and more.

So we’ll carry on scouring the world to bring you the best in barware and we’ll keep conjuring up our own creations too. And if you have any special requests just let us know, we’re always happy to source the best in creative barware so that you can keep serving incredible cocktails to your guests.