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Our new vessels for BEAVER LODGE!

WE’RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT the recent work we’ve completed for the charming and super-fun, newly-opened Beaver Lodge in Chelsea (a new Inception Group venue)! Our sister company CheekyTiki completed the design and fit-out, and we created the new statement vessels.

The theme is late-night mountain cabin/dance saloon, so expect, naturally, strokable mini grizzly bear sharers, reclaimed and re-purposed spinning original wagon wheels holding corked pickle back shots, elk head punch bowl sharers, a giant canoe, and of course a ceramic beaver cocktail mug – to name but a few, all handmade in our East London workshops!

Beaver Lodge 266 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9EL; open Thursdays – Saturdays, 10:30pm – 2:30am

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